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Peppermint + Winter Spice Candle | Cabin Lake

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Notes: Peppermint + Winter Spice

Dream of snowshoeing and a warm flask of peppermint + winter spice tea with our Cabin Lake inspired winter candle. 

Located on Black Mountain, Cypress Provincial Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Cabin lake is a beautifully scenic area popular all year round. In winter the area is an incredible snowshoe destination.

Crunching through the winter trails among the douglas fir and cedar trees it's hard to believe you can feel so remote and so close to Vancouver. The views from Black Mountain are worth the trip. The diversity of natural features, old-growth trees, and outdoor recreation opportunities both summer and winter, is due partly to the climate of coastal British Columbia. There may not be a cabin at the lake but we close our eyes and imagine escaping to the cabin for a hot drink after a long hike up.

**Our partnership with this local brand means that we can offer a $2.00 refund upon return of the candle jar once used.  Their labels are Greenguard gold certified and do not leave a residue allowing each vessel to be reused!  Empty vessels can be left out on delivery day and your refund will be applied in to method paid.

About Laykhaus:

Laykhaus is a Canadian candle and wellness brand, inspired by lakes. Our premium line of eco-friendly candles are designed to bring the calm of the lake to your home. 
We believe the environment in your home should be as fresh and calming as the natural world. Our products invite ways to focus and centre ourselves, when we need it most. The small positive actions we make often have the biggest impact in our lives and for us it started with a walk around a lake.
Laykhaus was founded in 2021 from a desire to showcase the calming qualities of lakes. Founders Lucy + Jack intend to share their passion for creativity, wellness and sustainable living and to enable discussion about the important issues facing our precious natural resources.

Our 5% promise will help marine eco-system programs to ensure all future generations can experience the beauty of our lakes.
Through our actions, Laykhaus hopes to demonstrate that business can be a force for good when it comes to our marine environments. Canada has the worlds longest coastline with over 25,000km in British Columbia alone. We are connected globally through vast Oceans and watersheds and we are advocating for protection for the welfare of these critical ecosystems. 
The story of our marine eco-systems, is all of our story.