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Nutty aroma; strong notes of citrus; medium body

12 oz bag of Medium Roast Coffee

Our most popular medium blend, Full Original creates a delicate cup highlighted by graham-cracker-sweetness and smooth, mild nuts. Buttery coffee from Central and South America is paired with mildly earthy Sumatran, resulting in a balanced, creamy blend.

Ingredients: 100% Organic and Ethically Sourced Coffee Beans

How To Store: Store in a cool, dry, airtight environment.  Do not refrigerate, avoid freezing
How To Brew: From cowboy to cappuccino, you can use Oso Negro coffee for whatever suits your fancy.  Consult us directly or the internet for tips, tricks and techniques


‘Black Bear’ in Spanish
A foreign translation of an apt local symbol as a reminder of how far coffee travels to reach us and how culturally removed we are from the sources of this fine stimulant

At Oso Negro we try to infuse ethical decision making into every aspect of the business; from diverse hiring practices to a living wage for our employees, abundant local donations of coffee and support and coffee that has been traded with the highest standards.  We strive to be our best selves every day of the year in all facets of our lives.